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An embroiderer of many years, Robyn Alexander appreciates the style and flair that unusual embroidery threads can add to your work. Her love of colour, texture, hand stitching & felting is reflected in her range of textile products and designs.  As the creator of Colour Streams Robyn delights in supplying an extensive range of colours, 50 hand dyed variegated colours in 5 thicknesses of silk embroidery thread and 3 widths of silk embroidery ribbons and quite a few specialty threads.  Her varying width & thickness in ribbons & threads give great opportunity to create incredible texture, dimension and perspective in your hand embroidery designs. Couple this with her hand-dyed fabrics in the same 50 overdyed colours and a distinctive range of embellishments, hand dyed yarns, wool felting supplies and sequins to die for, and you have the best range of embroidery supplies and textile art supplies. All fabrics, threads and ribbons are hand painted with fibre reactive dyes and washed many times to prevent dye running. As with commercially dyed silk there is always a slight bleeding with the very strong colours.
Because creating your own designs can sometimes be a daunting task Robyn has designed a range of hand embroidery designs including hand felting designs packaging them into kits that are well suited to many skill levels. Take a walk through an embroidered flower patch with old-world ribbon embroidery, recreate the richness of antique textiles or feel the earthiness of traditional felting & needle felting.   Girls love bags and we have them in abundance too!  Hand embroidery designs by Robyn, Catherine Howell and Pat Skene are suitable to many occasions and fun to make.  Many of the bags are a rich collage of fabrics and hand stitching including dimensional embroidery. Some are delicate evening wear and some to handle a bit more wear & tear in the  beautiful hand felted tote bags.  Such a rich choice and suitable for a range of skills.  Enjoy the colour play woven throughout all her hand embroidery designs that only Colour Streams embroidery yarns, silk ribbons & fabrics can provide. One of her keen interests is taking traditional products and using them in a non-traditional manner. She particularly loves experimenting with embroidery, collage and felting.  Everything distorts, embeds and becomes very impressionistic. You can see this on the ‘Le Jardin’ bag series and the ‘A Country Basket’ which is like a felting sampler for these experiments. Some of these techniques are discussed on her blog We are constantly bringing out new embroidery designs so check in regularly. Best to subscribe to the newsletter. Don't worry you will not be inundated with letters.
Robyn also teaches through different venues.  These can be viewed online on her website   One of her favourite venues is Koala Conventions held in Brisbane each July.  This convention provides a smorgasbord of workshops to suit many styles and skill levels.  It is a very welcoming and friendly convention.
Whatever the reasons for your creativity might be - to tell the stories of your heart with your hands, to pass embroidery arts and journals along through the generations, or just as a special gift for a friend - our purpose is to help your imagination take flight.
Like the old adage, at Colour Streams we aim to "let the colour do the work" !