A bit more of KASHMIR

Here is Mr. Bhat and a closeup of a very fine wool shawl he is embroidering.

Mr Bhat




Single strand ofsilk thread using a simple  whipped stem stitch. Hours of work. The men sit in one room stitching and the women in another.  They come together for meals.  You can see a basket under Mr Bhat’s clothes.  This holds hot coals to keep the cold at bay.  Not a chair to be seen. These two photos show the artistry of another of the weavers. You can see below in the close-up picture the different weaves.  The bottom cream piece is called the birds eye weave like the diamond shape. Beautiful gentle texture.

Colour artistry

Close up of his work

About robyn

I hand dye silk embroidery threads, ribbons, fabrics, wool and create embroidery designs in my garden studio. I have sourced interesting embellishments from my travels around the world. My greatest textile passions are colour then texture. From a little girl I have collected colours & textured fabrics. I enjoy teaching workshops passing on my passion & knowledge while meeting great people. I am a total textile queen who loves to wallow in the champagne of the Pacific Ocean at Byron Bay not far from my home.
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2 Responses to A bit more of KASHMIR

  1. Jen Wark says:

    Thanks for setting up your interesting Blog & for sharing photos & experiences. ‘Tis appreciated.

    • robyn says:

      Hi Jen, Thanks for your feedback. I saw so many beautiful textiles. Mostly the men sit in family groups or employees sitting around on the floor stitching all day.

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