A sojourn in Kashmir

WE spent 6 days in Kashmir, a real pleasure after hard driving days through the Himalaya foothills.  Ramsan served us each day with hot meals and a wealth of local knowledge.  Lassa guided our boat through the floating gardens & Mr. Butt befriended us with incredible warmth.  I visited the Bhat family where they all play a part in creating beautiful embroideries, blankets, shawls, table cloths.  Mr Bhat still embroidering daily with his son & wife.  Sajad Bhat took me to other artisans work places.  These artisans have been working at their trades for centuries handing their skills down through the generations. In my last blog you saw the printing.  So now here is the weaving of the finest wool & cashmere for blankets and shawls.  More work by these artists in my next blog.  I seem very limited for space.   cheers Robyn

Kashmir blanket weaver

Finest spun cashmere wool


About robyn

I hand dye silk embroidery threads, ribbons, fabrics, wool and create embroidery designs in my garden studio. I have sourced interesting embellishments from my travels around the world. My greatest textile passions are colour then texture. From a little girl I have collected colours & textured fabrics. I enjoy teaching workshops passing on my passion & knowledge while meeting great people. I am a total textile queen who loves to wallow in the champagne of the Pacific Ocean at Byron Bay not far from my home.
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  1. Pamela Jennion says:

    I loved your blog and now I am inspired to start my own ….so watch out….
    I was wondering if you might be able to give me your promoters name [ no pressure]

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