CRUISIN’ & STITCHIN’ Someone’s got to do it!

What a great start to the year, CRUISING.  I was fortunate enough to work as a tutor for Needlework Tours on their cruise to Noumea & Fiji in February.  We had 12 tutors on board and a great range of pre-booked classes.  My students made the Bohemian Baubles

Bountiful Baubles!

Work in progress!

& Heart Felt Chatelaine projects together with Blossom Tassels & Pins & Pansies pin Cushion.  The Heart Felt Chatelaine is now available in the purple felt as well as the mustard. Here is a work in progress.  Great group of ladies in all classes.
Oh so enjoyable sitting with the Pacific Ocean floating by, making wonderful textilie stuff, meeting new friends, meals cooked for you & room serviced.  I’m up for that.  Here are a few happy snaps.  Check out next year’s cruise with 24 tutors.  Needlework Tours  Thanks to all my students, they made my cruise!

Hard at work!

Stitchin’ & Cruisin’!

Not a bad venue!

Tassie girls!

About robyn

I hand dye silk embroidery threads, ribbons, fabrics, wool and create embroidery designs in my garden studio. I have sourced interesting embellishments from my travels around the world. My greatest textile passions are colour then texture. From a little girl I have collected colours & textured fabrics. I enjoy teaching workshops passing on my passion & knowledge while meeting great people. I am a total textile queen who loves to wallow in the champagne of the Pacific Ocean at Byron Bay not far from my home.
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