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Lorraine Turner - Fabric Collage Workshop - Whale of a Good Time

www.colourstreams.com.au  Lorraine Turner Fabric Collage Workshop Whale of a Good Time 2020 August Macleay Island Colour Streams Aurafil

We are so excited that Colour Streams is hosting the incredible textile artist Lorraine Turner on 15 – 16 August 2020.  The 2-day workshop will be held on wonderful Macleay Island just off Brisbane in beautiful Moreton Bay.  Given that August is during the annual whale migration along our eastern coast, we believe it is very fitting that the textile collage workshop will be creating this stunning humpback whale - Whale of a Good Time.

www.colourstreams.com.au  Lorraine Turner Fabric Collage Workshop Whale of a Good Time 2020 August Macleay Island Colour Streams Aurafil

Lorraine has established a unique place for herself in the world of textile art as she combines her varied experience as a water colourist, commercial artist, children’s wear designer, and television animator with her love for all things fabric to create multi-textured, one of a kind textile art.

Lorraine explains that:

‘My greatest passion is to express empathy and support for endangered animals by giving them a voice through my textile art. Each piece tells their stories and begins with meditation messages brought forward through my work as an animal communicator—and is stitched with purpose and love.

I use a variety of methods and material to express this passion—felting with Merino wool and stitching with designer fabric, burlap, dupioni silk, and repurposed items, as well as custom lace and textures I create. I also blend hidden elements of nature within the animals as a reminder of our need to share Earth’s natural resources.

All of my art supports non-profit animal sanctuaries worldwide.’

You can see more of Lorraine’s incredible work at www.calicohorses.com

During the 2 day workshop, participants will learn how to illustrate a collage using fabric, thread, and custom-made texture.  Students will learn how to tap into their intuition and going with the flow rather than following rules and will also learn how to create templates using photos, raw applique using only pins (no fusing or glue), and thread painting.

 Students who attend the workshop should have a working knowledge of raw applique, free-motion sewing, thread painting and be able to work independently.  Please note that you will need to supply your own sewing machine.

The cost of the 2 day workshop, including the Essential Kit (supplied by Lorraine), morning and afternoon tea, and lunch, will be $ 660 per person.  A requirements kit will be sent to all participants detailing additional project needs and during the workshop Aurafil and Colour Streams products will be available for purchase.

If you’d like to register for this fabulous workshop, please contact us on either 0400 344 793 or by emailing us at chris@colourstreams.com.au.

Numbers are limited so don't delay!

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