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www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams Silken Strands Ophir Exotic Lights Mume Strands Shiruku 4mm 7mm Silk Ribbon Silk Fabrics Velvet Felt Wool Tops Hand Dyed

..... and we're sorry it's been so long since we've been in touch!

But, although we've been out of touch, and part of the reason we've been out of touch, is that we've been really busy building a NEW STUDIO, creating some NEW COLOURS, adding some NEW PRODUCTS to the Colour Streams' range, building a NEW WEBSITE  and planning NEW WORKSHOPS.

So here is THE NEWS!

Colour Streams' STUDIO!
We've built a great new studio in Pomona in the Noosa hinterland in Queensland.  The studio is attached to our home, an 1890's schoolhouse, located at 34 Mountain Street, Pomona.  Visitors are very welcome - please just phone or email first so we make sure we're of out of our PJs (07) 5485 0407 / 0400 344 794 or info@colourstreams.com.au). 

Colour Streams' NEW COLOURS!
After speaking with many of you to discover the colours you'd like to see added to the Colour Streams' Collection, we've created:

www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams  Noosa Gold DL 53www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams  Midnight DL 55www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams  Kookaburra DL 56www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams  Rouge DL 57www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams  New Leaf DL 58www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams  Royal Grape DL 59www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams  Blue Lagoon DL 60www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams  Firedance DL 61www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams  Autumn Shades DL 62

These new colours are available in our Silk Threads - Silken Strands, Ophir, and Exotic  Lights, our Silk Ribbons - 4mm  and 7mm, our fabrics - Crinkle Silk Chiffon, Silk Habotai, Silk Organza, Silk/Rayon Velvet and Wool Felt.  Blue Lagoon, Kookaburra and Autumn Shades are also available as Merino Wool Tops.

The new Colour Streams' colours are available through some retailers and our website.  

Colour Streams' NEW PRODUCTS!
We love Japan and we love their silk embroidery threads, so we're thrilled to now offer a wonderful 3-stranded silk thread in over 60 colours that complement our Colour Streams' colour range beautifully.  We've called the new thread Mume Strands.   We're also offering a fine silk raffia thread we've named Shiruku.  Both Mume Strands and Shirukuare available through our website.

www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams Mume Strands www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams Shiruku

Colour Streams' NEW WEBSITE!
With Colour Streams having new owners, new location, new colours, new products and a new logo, we felt the time was also right for a new website.  The website has lots of new and updated areas including:
  • What You Can Create where you can find links to projects that use Colour Streams' products.  Currently these include projects by Alison Cole, Val Moore, Angela Dower, Jennifer Clouston, Carolyn Pearce, Anne Davies, Catherine Howell, Helen Eriksson and Robyn Alexander and we'll be adding to this as we find more
  • What You've Created where you can submit photos of projects you've made that include Colour Streams' products (or at least some).  Everyone who submits photos will go into a draw and, who knows, you may win a selection of Colour Streams' products when we draw a winner every 4 months.  If you'd like to see your project featured, send your photos to info@colourstreams.com.au
  • Stockists - a list of retailers, in Australia, overseas, and online, who stock Colour Streams' products.  Please continue supporting our wonderful retailers!
  • Gift Vouchers in a range of values from $ 25 upwards - great for Christmas, birthdays or just because!
  • Browse Our Colours allows you to preview our unique Colour Streams' hand-dyed colours and access our Colour Chart
  • Allsorts - Our mistakes - bargains for you!  Allsorts are products that don't have anything wrong with them except that don't meet our standard sizes or colour range and are mostly one-offs.  Occasionally Allsorts may also include products that are discontinued of which we only have limited stock.

You can now also search for single colours, for example, yellow, and find all the products that are yellow or have yellow in them, for example, Venetian Sunset, Straw, Meadow, Sequins, etc.

We encourage you to support the Retailers who stock Colour Streams' products, but you are able to purchase products through the Shop.  We think the online Shop is really easy to use!  A change from the old website is that prices now include GST and we've also added alternative payment methods to give you more flexibility.


Colour Streams' WORKSHOPS!

At our NEW STUDIO, we have space to run workshops!  So keep an eye out for the details coming soon!

If you'd like to be kept informed about our products, colours, or workshops, simply subscribe to Colour Streams' Newsletter.  We promise we won't pester you with too many!


We'd love to hear what you think about the new colours and website and also any suggestions for improvements, new colours, .....

Until next time!



1 Response

Roslyn Argent
Roslyn Argent

May 20, 2018

Please let me know about any workshops in the future. Many Thanks

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Pricing Guide

Silk Threads

Aurora 10 metres $ 7.40
Exotic Lights 8 metres $ 6.80
Ophir 15 metres $ 6.60
Silk Floss 6 metres $ 3.30
Silken Strands 6 metres $ 6.00
Mume Strands 8 metres $ 7.70
Shiruku 8 metres $ 6.80

Other Threads and Yarns

Chenille 5 metres $ 7.00
Frou Frous 2 metres of 10 yarns $ 10.00
Gimp 5 metres $ 7.00
Shimmer Tape 5 metres $ 7.00
Textures 2 metres of 8 yarns $ 8.00

Silk Ribbons

4 mm Hangsell 3 metres $ 7.00
4 mm Spool 15 metres $ 34.95
7 mm 2 metres $ 7.50
7 mm Spool 10 metres $ 37.50
13 mm Hangsell 1 metre $ 5.95
13 mm Spool 5 metres $ 29.75


Cotton Netting

30 cm x 30 cm

$ 6.00

Cotton Scrim

30 cm x 30 cm

$ 6.00

Crinkle Silk Chiffon - Small

20 cm x 30 cm

$ 6.00

Crinkle Silk Chiffon - Large

40 cm x 60 cm

$ 21.60

Habotai Silk - Small

30 cm x 30 cm

$ 6.00

Habotai Silk - Large

60 cm x 60 cm

$ 21.60

Metallic Crinkle Chiffon - Small

30 cm x 56 cm

$ 6.00

Metallic Crinkle Chiffon - Large

60 cm x 56 cm

$ 12.00

Metallic Organza - Small

30 cm x 56 cm

$ 6.00

Metallic Organza – Large

60 cm x 56 cm

$ 12.00

Metallic Organza/Metallic Crinkle Chiffon

Per metre

$ 27.50

Pure Wool Felt (Commercially Dyed) - Small

50 cm x 46 cm

$ 8.80

Pure Wool Felt (Commercially Dyed) - Large

50 cm x 92 cm

$ 17.60

Pure Wool Felt (Hand Dyed) - Small

30 cm x 30 cm

$ 16.00

Pure Wool Felt (Hand Dyed) - Large

30 cm x 60 cm

$ 28.80

Silk Organza - Small

30 cm x 30 cm

$ 6.00

Silk Organza - Large

60 cm x 65 cm

$ 21.60

Silk Rayon Velvet - Small

30 cm x 25 cm

$ 12.00

Silk Rayon Velvet - Large

60 cm x 56 cm

$ 43.20

Textured Felt (Commercially Dyed) - Small

30 cm x 30 cm

$ 10.00

Textured Felt (Commercially Dyed) - Large 

60 cm x 60 cm

$ 40.00

Wool Rayon Felt (Commercially Dyed) - Small

30 cm x 30 cm

$ 3.00

Wool Rayon Felt (Commercially Dyed) - Large

60 cm x 60 cm

$ 12.00

 Fabric Packs  

Applique Zingers

5 x 27 cm x 15 cm

$ 30.50

Flower Power Appliques

6 shapes

$ 6.00

Velvet Fancies

6 x 15 cm x 25 cm

$ 32.00

Woolly Bits

Equivalent 30 cm square

$ 14.30

Woolly Shapes

20 grams 

$ 18.00


Embellishment Stash Packs Per Packet $ 22.00
Felt Balls 5 x 2cm or 10 x 1 cm $ 4.00
Felt Balls 50 x 1 cm $ 9.90
Sequins Per Packet $ 2.70

Wool Tops

Merino Wool Tops - Mixed - 22 micron 20 gr of 6 colours $ 19.00
Merino Wool Tops - Hand Dyed  - 18 micron 50 grams $ 12.00
Merino Wool Tops - Plain - 22 micron 50 grams $ 8.00