Stitch on Felt

One of the most stable fabrics to embroider or stitch on is felt.  It does not need a hoop to keep it taut and you don’t have to worry about the edges fraying.  Of course there are many kinds and thicknesses of felt.  For me the feel of pure wool felt be it commercially made or hand made (as in my header image) is my favourite.  At Colour Streams we hand dye pure wool felt in a range of 50 variegated colours, a real joy to play with.  I have used it in so many of my designs and especially in the needle cases.  One of the other things I love about the felt is you can hide stitching in the sandwich (thickness) of the felt when travelling a thread to a different area as shown in the beaded edging of this Heart Felt Chatelaine.  Another felt plus is it’s ability to hold structure as shown in the scissor keep & the Tootsie Toes slippers.

Pat Skene has a love of bold colour, playing with stitch and texture and with my felt.  Pat has designed some quirky & playful needlecases.

Felt is brilliant for applique, again no need to worry about fraying edges.  It is easy to pad out to give more dimension by laying smaller pieces of the same shape underneath the top layer.  Continue to layer smaller sizes until you have the mounding dimension required.
I also use a piece of felt to practice my free motion machine embroidery.  Once again there is no need to hoop your work as the felt provides a stable surface for learning how to move in motion on your machine.   Felt is so versatile.  View the full colour range of our pure wool overdyed felt.
I would love some feedback on some things you would like to know or need help with.  I would just love to enjoy the exchange with like minded gals.  cheers Robyn Alexander

About robyn

I hand dye silk embroidery threads, ribbons, fabrics, wool and create embroidery designs in my garden studio. I have sourced interesting embellishments from my travels around the world. My greatest textile passions are colour then texture. From a little girl I have collected colours & textured fabrics. I enjoy teaching workshops passing on my passion & knowledge while meeting great people. I am a total textile queen who loves to wallow in the champagne of the Pacific Ocean at Byron Bay not far from my home.
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  1. Laraine says:

    My very favourite embroidery!

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