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About Us

About Us

Our unique range of hand-dyed silk and cotton embroidery threads, specialty threads, silk ribbons, and fabrics provide a diversity of materials for collage work, hand stitching, crazy quilting, mixed media work, and ribbon embroidery.

To complement our range of over 65 colours of hand-dyed threads, ribbons, and fabrics, we also offer a 3 stranded twisted Japanese silk thread in over 60 colours and a fine silk raffia in over 15 colours.

Our embellishments include a wide range of sequins in a variety of styles and colours to inspire you to play even more.

The varying width and thickness of our silk threads and ribbons provide great opportunities to create incredible texture, dimension, and perspective in your designs. We have developed a range of hand-dyed fabrics and a distinctive range of hand dyed yarns and sequins to die for. 

We continue to build on our past successes and are delighted to be now producing over 65 hand-dyed variegated colours with further wonderful colour combinations being developed in both silk and cotton.

All Colour Streams' fabrics, threads, and ribbons are hand painted with fibre reactive dyes and washed many times to prevent dye running. Although, as with any commercially dyed silks and cottons, there is always the chance of slight bleeding with the very strong colours. 

Colour Streams textile arts and embroidery supplies and designs aim to inspire and ignite the textile artist in you - to help your imagination take flight and ‘let the colours play.’