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Underwater Magic Textile Collage - Christine Noske - 24 September 2022 - Macleay Island

Underwater Magic Textile Collage Christine Noske Workshops Classes Macleay Island Colour Streams www.colourstreams.com.au

As part of the TIDE: Redlands Coast Islands’ Festival, spend a day on Macleay Island creating a Textile Collage that reflects the beauty and diversity of the underwater world surrounding our beautiful islands using variegated textiles, threads and ribbons hand-dyed at Macleay Island’s Colour Streams.

We'll also be using a range of other materials including wool tops, silk cocoons, beads, fruit nets, Tyvek and sweet wrappers. Your only limitation will be your imagination as you use a range of techniques including simple stitching, embroidery, burning and beading!

This class is suitable for anyone over the age of 8 and all levels of experience. Your inspiration will be our beautiful Moreton Bay Marine Park.

To further inspire you, the workshop will be held at a spectacular coastal setting looking over Moreton Bay. This event is a full day which allows you to fully immerse yourself in your creative process.

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