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Meet the Artist - Jennifer Clouston

Meet the Artist - Jennifer Clouston

Jennifer Clouston is an author, artist and tutor of Textile Arts and Embroidery. Jennifer's trademark is a modern and playful take on traditional embroidery. This has provided inspiration for both her classes and her published books, Foolproof Crazy Quilting and Foolproof Crazy Quilt Projects.

We asked Jennifer to introduce herself to our viewers and give us a summary of her Artist Journey, what inspires her and to share how she uses Colour Streams Textiles in her work. 

Jennifer Clouston Publications

Introduce yourself to our viewers?

Author, tutor, designer and fanatic of all things hand stitched: embroidery, quilting, hand piecing and slow stitching. Freeform embroidery and crazy quilting being my first love.


Give us a summary of your Artist Journey up until now?

I was very fortunate to grow up in South Africa. Her colours, landscapes, people, and many cultures formed an incredible background to my childhood. My wonderful grandmother taught me the joy of creating: not for an end result, but simply relishing in the process. To me, it is in the “doing” that is important, not the having. 


How do you describe your Textile work?   

Jennifer Clouston Embroidery Inspiration

To many the word embroidery evokes visions of patterns and colour palette chosen and designed by others, a paint by numbers approach.

For me, embroidery means a blank page, discovery and the simple enjoyment of pulling needle and thread through fabric!

My process is not linear: it meanders, it goes off the beaten path, it reflects my moods, creative flow and what materials I have at my disposal. In fact, if I can see the end result of the project before I begin, I lose interest immediately.


Jennifer Clouston Embroidery and Stitching


What inspires you in making this work?

I am not so much inspired as I am driven to create; it is what I need to do; creating organically and free from expectations. 

Colour is a HUGE inspiration for me. It is where I begin. If we do not have a great colour palette then we have nothing (in my opinion). 

I have a “start where you are and use what you have approach to my stitching’- this includes my materials and my skills.


How do you use Colour Streams Textiles and Products in your Work?

I  use Colour Streams Textiles extensively in my work. As previously mentioned, I grew up in Africa, and colour is a massive part of my creative process. Colour Streams is all about colour, fabric, textiles, beads, sequins – be still my beating heart!

Everything that I need and want in one place.


How do you find working with our Textiles and Products and what do you like about them?

Firstly, I need to say that the colours, quality and range is a creative’s dream. What is there not to like?


Jennifer Clouston Embroidery on Linen


Is there anything else that you would like to share about your work?



Jennifer Clouston's Embroidery Publications


Jennifer Clouston Embroidery Bride's Clutch Bag

 Embroidered Clutch Bag for Special Bride


Jennifer Cloustone Embroidery Artist

Jennifer Clouston's wool stitching



Jennifer Clouston Embroidery

 Wool Embroidery over Men's suit fabric




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