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If you’re not already a dedicated Colour Streamer, this is your chance to literally join the Club! Already a fan? Then this is going to make your day!

I decided that after the bizarre year that we have all been having, we need to reward ourselves for our resilience, so, I want to invite you all to become Colour Streamers, our new thread club that will give you access to our entire range at very special prices with lots of fun surprises thrown in as well.


We consider all of you as members of our team once you have taken the step to work with our beautiful hand painted cotton and silk threads, so we thought we would make it easier for you to access our entire range and at a very special price!

Once you sign up to be a Colour Streamer, each month, we shall send you 5 of our beautiful colours within a particular colour suite, e.g. the pinks, the blues, etc.

These colours will be made available to you at a very special price (less than buying 4) and includes postage from where we live on beautiful Macleay Island in Queensland, Australia to where you live (no matter where you live, although if it is very remote, you had better chat to us!)

5 colours per month will give you access to our entire range by the end of 14 months – yes, we have THAT many colours! As well as special threads at special prices, each month will also include a surprise which could be anything from our Silk Ribbons or Gimp to one of our ‘Allsorts’. You will have access to our latest news, product updates and the latest additions to our range!

You can also choose which type of threads you wish to receive to ensure that it suits you!

 In our Silk range:

Silken Strands (6 stranded silk) – 6 metres

Ophir (similar to Perle)  – 15 metres

In our Cotton range:

Cotto Strands (6 stranded Egyptian cotton) – 10 metres

Rana (similar to Perle 8 Egyptian cotton) – 15 metres

We want to make this a streamlined process, so we shall simply debit your account prior to our monthly posting date (the 1st of each month) and then your Colour Streamers package will soon arrive to brighten your day!

Colour Streamers membership includes:

  • 5 of our threads for less than the price of 4
  • Your choice of the kind of thread – Silken Strands, Ophir, Cotto Strands, or Rana
  • 1 x colour suite delivered per month
  • Surprises each month and access to special offers
  • Postage paid

Ready to join the club? Click here and signup today! 


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Pricing Guide

Silk Threads


10 metres

$ 7.40

Exotic Lights

8 metres

$ 6.80


15 metres

$ 6.60

Silk Floss

6 metres

$ 3.30

Silken Strands

6 metres

$ 6.00

Mume Strands

8 metres

$ 7.70


8 metres

$ 6.80

Cotton Threads

Cotto Strands

10 metres

$ 6.00


15 metres

$ 6.00

Other Threads and Yarns


5 metres

$ 7.00

Frou Frous

2 metres of 10 yarns

$ 10.00


5 metres

$ 7.00


2 metres of 8 yarns

$ 8.00

Silk Ribbons

4 mm Hangsell

3 metres

$ 7.00

4 mm Spool

15 metres

$ 34.95

7 mm

2 metres

$ 7.50

7 mm Spool

10 metres

$ 37.50

13 mm Hangsell

1 metre

$ 5.95

13 mm Spool

5 metres

$ 29.75


Cotton Scrim

30 cm x 30 cm

$ 6.00

Crinkle Silk Chiffon - Small

20 cm x 30 cm

$ 6.90

Crinkle Silk Chiffon - Large

40 cm x 60 cm

$ 24.85

Habotai Silk - Small

30 cm x 30 cm

$ 6.90

Habotai Silk - Large

60 cm x 60 cm

$ 24.85

Pure Wool Felt (Commercially Dyed) - Small

50 cm x 46 cm

$ 10.50

Pure Wool Felt (Commercially Dyed) - Large

50 cm x 92 cm

$ 21.00

Pure Wool Felt (Hand Dyed) - Small

30 cm x 30 cm

$ 18.40

Pure Wool Felt (Hand Dyed) - Large

30 cm x 60 cm

$ 33.00

Silk Organza - Small

30 cm x 30 cm

$ 6.90

Silk Organza - Large

60 cm x 65 cm

$ 24.85

Silk Rayon Velvet - Small

30 cm x 25 cm

$ 13.80

Silk Rayon Velvet - Large

60 cm x 56 cm

$ 45.90

 Fabric Packs  

Flower Power Appliques

6 shapes

$ 6.00


Embellishment Play Packs

Per Packet

$ 20.00

Felt Balls

5 x 2cm or 10 x 1 cm

$ 4.00


Per Packet

$ 2.70

Wool Tops


Merino Wool Tops - Plain - 22 micron

50 grams