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Taetia McEwen's Angel's Breath - Inspiration - Issue 111

www.colourstreams.com.au Colour Streams Inspirations 111 Taetia McEwen Angels Breath Cotto Strands Rana 7mm Silk Ribbon Sequins 4mm

The gorgeous Inspirations magazine recent issue 111 features an exquisite project by the talented Taetia McEwen entitled Angel’s Breath.

This project primarily uses Colour Streams products so we were inspired ourselves to offer you the opportunity to create your own version.

While not all materials in Angel’s Breath have been sourced from Colour Streams, the majority are our products.  We are offering all our products featured in this project to you in a convenient package which includes:

  • Cotto Strands Umbrian Gold DL 25
  • Cotto Strands Russet DL 29
  • Rana Umbrian Gold DL 25
  • Rana Tuscan Olive DL 26
  • Rana Antique Pearl DL 33
  • Sequins S39
  • Sequins S57
  • Sequins S45
  • 4mm Silk Ribbon Tuscan Olive DL 26
  • 7mm Silk Ribbon Antique Pearl DL 33
  • Silk Rayon Velvet 30 x 25cm Harvest DL 6
  • White felt 30 x 30cm

We are including full skeins of threads and full packets of sequins at the special price of $100 including the magazine and postage within in Australia – outside Australia, we will add just a small amount to cover international postage. For those who currently receive Inspirations, that price reduces to $82.

So! Call us on 0400 344 793 or email us at chris@colourstreams.com.au and we shall have you inspired in no time!

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