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Colour Streamers - Cotto Strands / Ophir

Pricing Guide

What's better than 5 of our colours each month? 10 of our beautiful colours in both Cotto Strands and our fabulous silk thread, Ophir!

Sign up to be a Colour Streamer and each month, we shall send you 10 of our beautiful colours within a particular colour suite, e.g. the pinks, the blues, etc.

These colours will be made available to you at a very special price (less than buying 4) and includes tracked postage.

10 colours per month will give you access to our entire range of Cotto Strands and Ophir by the end of 14 months.

As well as special threads at special prices, each month will also include a surprise which could be anything from our Silk Ribbons or Gimp to one of our ‘Allsorts’. You will have access to our latest news, product updates and the latest additions to our range!

 If your country isn't listed, drop us an email at carmel@colourstreams.com.au and we can advise you of the price.