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Paper Flowers Embroidery Kit (Designer: Michaela Olsen)

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The Paper Flowers embroidery is a delicate display of sun-kissed stems and blossoms. Inspired by walks along a favourite coastal sand dune in south eastern Australia, these fragile flowers bleached by the sun, evoke fond memories of the last days of summer with their delicate fading beauty. 

There are two colour versions of the pattern available - Lillipilli and Kookaburra.  There are several options that you can select when purchasing:

  • Pattern (both colourways included)
  • Materials only (excludes embroidery needles and tissue paper)
  • Pattern and Materials (includes embroidery needles and tracing paper); or
  • Pattern, Materials and 26cm Embroidery Hoop  (includes embroidery needles and tracing paper).

The Embroidery Hoop option give you the choice to use the Hoop as a circular frame to hang your embroidery.

The Pattern uses Colour Streams hand dyed:

  • Pure Wool Felt
  • 7mm Silk Ribbon
  • Cotto Strands (or Rana or Silken Strands)
  • Gimp

The Paper Flowers embroidery is designed by Michaela Olsen.

Michaela is a Textile Print Designer for many years designing bed linen and fashion fabrics and has taught secondary students Art and Design for the last 12 years. She is an Artist, an avid gardener and a lover of nature. 

Michaela has produced a collection of oil paintings, art prints, canvas and metal prints, as well as greeting cards that are part of her botanical art work series.


Skill Level:  All Levels